Online Gaming Terms You Should Know

Every Second Counts

In the world of online multiplayer every second counts. Due to the fast pace nature of online games, us gamers have developed our own language. This language is a mix of slang and abbreviations. If you are new or a “noob” to online multiplayer you are most likely lost in translation. Maybe you are a casual gamer who all of a sudden decided to take online gaming to the next level. Either way communicating with your teammates online is key to owning or “pwning” the enemy player. You need to familiarize yourself with all these basic terms if you want to break your “noob” shell. Asking for the meaning of these terms while playing is not the best way of learning and will rather earn you that “newbie” title. Here are some common online gaming terms you should know:

1. Noob – Newbie.
2. BRB – Be right back.
3. AFK – Away from keyboard.
4. BBIAB – Be back in a bit.
5. GG – Good game.
6. Owned – Embarrassed by another player.
7. Pwnd – Another way of saying Owned.
8. Trolling – Posting offensive comments to get a reaction, sometimes false statements.
9. Mod – Modification of a gaming component that alters gameplay.
10. Ltr – Later.
11. TTYL – Talk to you later.
12. Ownage – Completely owned.
13. BBL – Be back later.
14. Beast mode – Dominating the game.
15. Bio – Bathroom break.
16. Exp – Experience.
17. FTW – For the win.
18. GLHF – Good luck, have fun.
19. IRL – In real life.
20. LFM – Looking for more.
21. LMAO – Laughing my a** off.
22. ZOMG – Oh My Gosh! in an enthusiastic form.
23. WP – Well played.
24. NPC – Non-player character.
25. FUBAR – Fouled up beyond all recognition.
26. PK – Player kill.
27. ROLF – Rolling on the floor laughing.
28. ATM – At the moment.
29. OTW – On the way.
30. TYVM – Thank you very much.
31. GTG – Good to go.
32. Nerf – Something being decreased in power or potency.
33. Buff – Enhance or strengthen something in a multiplayer game.
34. OP – Over-powered.
35. Glitch –  A video game malfunction.

Game Specific Terms

These are common online gaming terms that are widely used across all online multiplayer games. Every game has its own specific terms depending on the genre and gameplay itself. Most of these specific terms are something that you will understand and pick up as you spend time playing. But at least you won’t be totally lost and unable to communicate with your teammates. It’s time to break that noob shell. Share with us any additional common online gaming terms you use.


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