Smite – Bringing Uniqueness To MOBA

Third-Person MOBA

Smite is a free to play MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) that brings a unique point of view to gamers. Players take control of a god, goddess or mythological figure from a third-person perspective. Unlike other MOBAs, Smite places your camera view behind the character. This minor twist drastically alters gameplay and adds some freshness to a game genre that rarely deviates from its original formula. The camera is also closer making it different when it comes to map awareness, during team fights, fighting minions and towers. It feels more like a third-person RPG game. Take a look at this gameplay trailer:

Gameplay And Game Modes

At the start of every game, players get to choose a God to play. There are currently 82 Gods across 8 different pantheons (Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Mayan, Norse, and Roman). Each God has a basic attack and four different abilities to level up including an Ultimate. The maximum level that can be reached in each game is 20. Gold is the currency used to buy equipment and build items that boost abilities. A player can accumulate gold by slaying enemies or selling owned items. Besides the minions, there are jungle critters that can be killed for experience, gold or buffs. The buffs include mana, damage, speed or attack speed. 


There are several game modes and game types. The game modes include:

Conquest:  5v5 player mode featuring a 3 lane traditional MOBA map. The main objective is to kill the other team’s Titan.
Arena: Open area map in a Colosseum-style. Each team starts the game with 500 tickets and the main objective is to bring the enemy team’s count to zero. This is achieved by killing minions, enemy players or escorting specific minions to the enemy portal.
Joust: 3vs3 player mode featuring a 1 lane map. It has one tower and a Phoenix on each side. Similar to conquest the main objective is to kill the other team’s Titan.
Assault: This game mode is based on “All Random All Mid”. Players get assigned a random God to play. The main objective is also to destroy the other team’s Titan.
Siege: 4vs4 game mode on a 2 lane map. Main objectives include killing the other team’s Titan but also completing point objectives to spawn friendly super minions. These super minions help push the lanes killing minions and destroying structures along the way.
Clash: 5v5 game mode on a 2 lane map. The main goals are to destroy enemy objectives including the enemy’s Titan.
Match of the Day: Specialty matches on the daily rotation. Played on a variety of maps with special rules.

The game types are:

Practice: Main tutorial and the ability to test characters and/or items.
Co-Op: Cooperative versions of most game modes.
Normal: Includes the following game modes: Arena, Conquest, Assault, Joust, Siege, Clash, and Match of the Day.
Ranked: Includes the following game modes: Conquest, Joust, and Duel game modes.
Custom: Create a custom match using any available game mode.


If you are looking to experience MOBA from a different point of view this is the game for you. I can guarantee you that the minor twist will change the whole gameplay for you. You will find yourself learning how to play again. The best part is that the game is completely free to play so you can give it a shot without any regrets. Smite also has a wide variety of different game types and game modes. Overall a refreshing fun to play and highly competitive game for gamers who enjoy playing MOBA.


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